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Join a winning team of Real Estate Professionals with a proven track record of excellence. Becoming a Realtor is a pretty simple process and we can guild you on achieving that goal. If you are currently licensed to practice Real Estate in Michigan and want to practice under a winning team, we are looking for talented individuals who is seeking to learn our philosophies. You are one click away from making the best career choice of your lifetime. 

Jennifer Guy

REALTOR, Property Manager


Tel: 586.298.1229



High-level professionals with one goal in mind. Presenting winning solutions for MBC clients.

MBC REAL ESTATE COMPANY has serviced the metro Detroit area since 2007. Ethics, honesty and business acumen serves as guidance to provide quality service to our clients.

Our realtors strive to ensure fair practices and professional advocation. Hire MBC to assist in meeting your real estate goals.

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