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Over the past three years Metro-Detroit real estate market has experienced a six percent increase in property values. If you are thinking a bout selling,  financially it could be money waiting for you.  

Things You Should Know Before Listing

Setting a Realistic Expectation

Professional Realtor Assessment

How to plan for success.

  1. Setting an overall property strategy

  2. Property value assessment

  3. Property Condition and disclosure preparation

  4. Market Analysis

  5. Set the Marketing Strategy

  6. Listing launch


Vacant Homes or Tenant Occupied Sales

Obstacles and Solutions to Selling a Home you do not live in.


  1. Properly Secure the home

  2. Know the risk of an extended listing period

  3. Stage or leave a blank canvass

  4. Effortless improvements to improve showing quality


  1. Tenant

  2. Owner Occupied

  3. Squatter


The MBC Proffessional Advantage

Executive Quality

High-Level Services

  1. In-depth service evaluation

  2. Contract consultation  

  3. Strategic and Marketing plan

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